5 grep for å gi nettsiden din nytt liv


En av de tingene vi har spesialisert oss på er redesign av nettsider. Ofte er det ikke så mye som skal til. Med noen enkle grep kan nettsiden din få nytt liv. Ta kontakt med Cathrine hos oss for å høre mer om hva vi kan hjelpe deg med.


Bradley gir deg her en liten innføring i hvilke fem trender som gjelder i 2017.




Web Development Trends for the Coming Year


It can be difficult to keep up with the fast paced world of web design. Every time you open your browser it seems that there is a new trend, a new technology, or new method of building a website on display. Because of this we are going to highlight just a few of the trends that we are excited about and think will be sticking around for 2017.




1) Illustrations


We may be a bit biased, with many of our lab partners having backgrounds in illustration and graphic design, but one of our favorite growing trends is the use of illustrations on web pages. 


We believe that illustrations are a very powerful addition to most web pages; they tend to add more character (or characters!), and more depth to a page that can be harder to obtain with more traditional photos and graphics. 


We are by no means saying that photos or graphics are not great additions to a website–they generally are a must have! We just feel that illustrations add that little extra something that helps build meaningful connections with viewers, and gives more understanding for the mood of a website. 



2) Full Screen Video Content


It might be obvious to say that web browsing is a visual experience, but it is. The construction of most websites today really reflects this–with colorful, eye-catching designs and content being more and more prominent. 


A second trend we’ve been paying attention to here at Leaf Designlab that emphasizes the visual experience is the use of full screen, immersive videos. 


Videos are definitely nothing new on the web, far from it in fact. But using creative, artistic, immersive videos on the face of webpages is becoming more wide spread.


Video content is a great way to both catch the eye of the viewer, and to have another outlet to communicate important information to anyone visiting the website. It is a powerful medium that readily engages viewers with rich storytelling, eye catching detail, and it helps set up the mood and tone of the website–making web browsing a more immersive experience.  


Video content is also a wonderful promotion tool! It can me more compelling to watch or share a short video than a plain block of text.





3) Long Form Content and Scrolling


Webpages featuring scrolling are certainly not a new concept, it is however an important one to keep in mind this year. 


According to Google, the past two years have seen mobile devices take over as the most popular platform for web browsing. This makes webpages that feature scrolling much easier, and more enjoyable to navigate from mobile devices, and also from desktop platforms. 


Scrolling also ads a great aesthetic to webpages, while making the primary information of the page easier to access–creating a more seamless user experience.


(Also see our blog post about the changes to Google’s penalization policy to webpages not supporting mobile browsing)(Link)


4) Breaking the Grid


Graphic designers and web developers will all be familiar with the use of grids in the design process. And how for the longest time there have been fairly strict guides in the use of them; they work to create a more navigable website, appealing webpage layout, etc. But in 2017 creative design is being unleashed on the web like never before! 


Breaking the grid rules is quickly becoming the new trend. Designs that work outside of the primary grids can create a fluidity and unique browsing experience for viewers. Not to mention the aesthetic appeal!


PSA: Designers beware! Creativity is important, but improper design can lead to a less navigable website.




5) Typography


The Times New Roman Empire has collapsed! 


Believe it or not, the font used on web pages can be make or break in terms of design; both in terms of the aesthetic and the functional aspects of website. If the font is too small, the wrong color, too close together, or any number of things it can make websites very difficult to navigate or harsh on the eyes. 


Fonts are also another creative tool in the belt of designers. Font choice can be a great creative outlet, drawing the viewer’s eyes to important details and giving extra character to a page. 


With so many tools and choices being introduced to the market (Google Fonts, Typekit, etc..) there is no more use for those tired old fonts copy-pasted out of a word processor. 


If the past year was any indication the trend, web typography will continue to draw inspiration from traditional graphic and editorial design, as well as more creative experimentation using new font building tools. We believe that typography that is big and bold will be the center of attention in 2017. 






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